P.rose o.f E.xecution

                                              Sometimes our greatest adversary is only a reflection away...

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Crime Drama

Intrigue, mystery and murder flourish in the bowels of Upper Citidal -a city where love is a four letter word, Science blurs the lines between what is and what should be and the worlds of Steam and Cyber collide.

Viktor Lenore: A world-weary detective who has seen it all, left it all and lost the only thing that ever mattered to him.
Parris Usher: Sadistic, calculating, self-proclaimed "above the law” aristocrat with a passion for the macabre and a taste for revenge.
“The Raven”: Serial killer with a penchant for all things Poe and a lust for social media fame at any cost.
​Rayne Wolfe Cavenaugh: Leader of the Military Protection League and the Cavenaugh clan. A no-nonsense, martial arts expert with the looks of an angel and the mind of a demon willing to do whatever it takes to bring The Raven to his knees.